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Blueberry Bakery

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Lineage: Blueberry Cookies x Blueberry Muffin
Generation: F1
Type: Regular, Photoperiod

Yield: Medium - High
Height: Short - Medium
Flower Time: 56 – 63 days
Effects: Indica/Hybrid

Terpene Profile:
Cannabinology Blueberry Bakery has a very strong terpene profile. Reminiscent of its parents, this variety has strong blueberry flavors accompanied by delicious earthy and creamy undertones.

Growth Pattern:
Cannabinology Blueberry Bakery is a medium height plant. This variety grows at an average pace in veg. Once in flower it doesn’t stretch very
much making for a nice medium size plant with short nodes and dense,
frosty flowers.

Cannabinology Blueberry Bakery is an indica leaning hybrid. It provides
great relaxation but isn’t too sedating. A great choice for lazy mornings or
relaxing in the afternoon or evening.