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Dragons Flame Genetics

Congolese Ticket

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Breeder: Dragons Flame Genetics

Lineage:  Congolese Kush "missys pheno" x Bangin ticket

10 Regular Novelty seeds

This one is a thin leaf type plant, that flowers fairly fast, and provides a clean uplifting, happy vibes, and great vibes for sex, music, art, etc.  We find it also makes for enchaced colors, and auras.  A true gem for the sativa lover.  Both sides of this cross also are some of my stellar lines for making hash, and this line is a perfect line for washing or pressing or other types of extraction, with ample resin content.  She can be tougher to trim, compared to a hardball cookie type plant, but she is well worth it.  Excellent mold and mildew resistance.

Terpene profiles are typically in the lemon banana incense, with some getting some sickly rot notes.  

Flower time:  9-11 weeks.

Yield:  Medium

Stretch: 2-3x