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Dragons Flame Genetics

Dragons Stash F3

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Dragons stash - what can be said about the stash.  She is our flagship line, and one that countless growers have found their outdoor grails with.  Extreme mold and mildew resistance.  Gets huge outdoors, and is extremely easy going.  

The F3 line is the red version with more red / purple buds, with a sour blueberry fuel terp profile. Strong mildew & mold resistance. All day pain killing, without being couch locked, functional, strong anti stress vibes are what you can expect.  

Breeder: Dragons Flame Genetics

Parents: Hard Dick Blues X Orange OG SR-71 Purple Kush

Terp profile: Sour berry, fuel

Resistances: high

Flower time: 8-9 Weeks

Number of Seeds: 10 Regular Seeds