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Joint Custody Seed Co.

Kush & OJ

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Lineage: Putang x Khalifa Kush
Bloom: 60-70 days
Doubles in size during bloom
High yielding

Seed Type: Regular Photoperiod

Number of Seeds: 15 with freebies

This line was created by selecting a dark purple pheno of Putang, and then pollinating it with our Khalifa Kush stud. The Putang is very dominant, but you can find elusive KK leaners. You can expect beautiful, colorful flowers, topped with purple & pink resin rails on the fan leaves. She produces flowers packed with trichomes, and the majority of plants reek of freshly squeezed Orange Juice, with a bit of fuel on the backend. Some plants will smell like Oranges, Grapes, & Candy as well.