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Orange Cream Cola

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Lineage: Rainmaker x Blueberry Bakery
Generation: F1
Type: Regular, Photoperiod

Yield: Medium – High
Height: Medium
Flower Time: 56 – 63 days
Effects: Sativa/Hybrid

Terpene Profile:
Cannabinology Orange Cream Kola sports a delicious sweet and sour orange terpene profile. Most phenotypes are very reminiscent of a fresh and
pungent orange soda, some phenotypes also have creamy and/or cheesy

Growth Pattern:
Cannabinology Orange Cream Kola grows medium in height with strong
stems and big, dense, kolas. Most phenotypes are somewhat apically dominant so we recommend low stress training combined with some topping
to form an even canopy.

Cannabinology Orange Cream Kola provides sativa dominant hybrid effects. You can expect a strong uplifting high with a bit of haziness and a
nice relaxing body feel.