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Purpleberry Punch

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Lineage: Purple Punch x Blueberry Cookies
Feminized, Photoperiod

 Yield: Medium
Height: Medium - Tall
Flower Time: 56 – 63 days
Effects: Indica/Hybrid

Terpene Profile:
Cannabinology Purpleberry Punch has a delicious fruity terpene profile.
Most phenotypes smell of mixed berries and pungent grapes. Some phenotypes have a banana-like flavor too!

Growth Pattern:
Cannabinology Purpleberry Punch is a fast growing and vigorous plant.
Purpleberry punch grows quickly in veg, once in flower it approximately
doubles in size and develops dense and very resinous flowers.

Cannabinology Purpleberry Punch is an indica leaning hybrid. The effects are fairly heavy with strong head and body high. Most phenotypes
are also fairly sedating, making Purpleberry Punch an excellent evening