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Dragons Flame Genetics

Zamal Dreams

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Lineage: Zamaldecla (Ace seeds) x Orange Dreams #3 Reversal

Terp Profile: Mango with or without Fuel notes, and Mango Tennis balls 

Breeder: Dragons Flame Genetics


Number of Seeds: 6 Feminized Seeds

The Zamaldecla side mother side is stock from Ace Seeds, and the reversal pollen donor was my orange dreams #3. While I was a big fan of the smoke from the phenotypes I saw from Ace stock, growing them was not for the faint hearted, as she was very octopus armed, needing massive support and tying up, with a long flower time, and a pretty loose flower structure. So, I am so pleased to be seeing exactly what I wanted from this cross - The best parts of both parents' terpene profiles, with the orange dreams heavy thick buds instead of the more sativa open structure of the Zamal side. I also am happy to see across the board, the orange dreams influence really beefed up the branches and got rid of the need for miles of string / trellis to keep her upright like the Zamaldecla females needed.

As with my other testers, and what I saw here in Hawaii, - Mango / Fuel and Mango Tennis balls / Mango funk are the terpene profiles being described. The ones I ran here in Hawaii as volunteers in the pot with no veg all showed this nice mango forward terp profile, and while I know I'm impartial, I found it to be irresistible, I definitely had to keep smelling it over and over. Has some very complex funky notes under the mango to.